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Lia Infraservices is the Best Augmented Reality app development company in Chennai for Android & IOS. While digital transformation is adding pressure on every organization and is rising customer expectations, Augmented Reality has gained substantial worldwide attention. Although they are not new concepts, they have recently found momentum in different areas of application through the widespread use of capable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and glass-devices. AR and VR are now the key elements to improve business efficiency in extended domains such as production, maintenance, training or marketing.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows you to overlay images, videos and other digital information in a real-world physical environment. By superimposing these data directly onto the real objects, AR allows maximum precision for service and maintenance processes, remote assistance and sales presentations.

AR technologies offer a whole new world of experiences to demanding prospects, customers and end-users. Whether it’s supporting on-site service technicians or showcasing products, these applications present a versatile way to increase revenue through multiple business operations.

  • Augmented reality mobile app development
  • eCommerce and WooCommerce application development
  • education & eLearning AR app development
  • UI/UX design for user interaction

Augmented Reality in Education

Traditional Learning method delivered through recitation and memorisation techniques have changed significantly over years. Modern learning encourages students to collaborate and therefore be more interactive and productive.
AR learning is not limited to single age group or the level of education.

Benefits of augmented reality in education

  • Universally Accessible learning materials
  • anytime, anywhere, No physical books or material required.

  • Inexpensive Hardware
  • Unlike VR, AR does not require an expensive hardware. AR just requires a Smartphone.

  • Higher Students Engagement
  • It keeps the students engaged throughout the session and makes learning fun and effortless.

  • Effective Learning Process
  • AR in education helps students achieve better results through visualization and full immersion in the subject matter.

  • Practical learning
  • Apart from schooling, professional training can also benefit greatly from the use of AR.

  • Safe and efficient workplace training
  • Practice in house heart surgery or operate a space Shuttle without putting others in risk.

 Benefits of Augmented reality in education
Augumented reality in fashion and reatily

Augmented Reality in Fashion and Retail

Augmented Reality is a term which is increasingly garnering popularity within the retail and marketing world.AR can grant access to the in-store experiences of a fashion store which in turn is beneficial for the growth of a particular fashion brand.
By providing real experiences to the customers, the fashion brand can make sure that the customers are easily persuaded which is, in fact, a great way to boost the sales.

Exponential business growth

  • Increased branding experience and marketing campaigns
  • Cost and time effectiveness
  • Multi device support
  • Growing client relationship
  • Increased sales, marketing & profits

Taking visualization to a level beyond imagination, our augmented reality development services and solutions attract more clientele in terms of cutting-edge technical expertise, flexible engagement models, moderate budgeting, well-defined project execution methodologies. Changing the perspective with which the users see the world, these AR apps haze the thin line between what is happening real and what is being generated by the solution.

Reshaping the retail landscape by improving customers Online experience using AR

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